Source code for datagovsg_api.datagovsg

import requests

[docs]class DataGovSG(object): """ Base class for API wrappers to inherit from. Args: API_KEY (str): A valid API key obtained from """ def __init__(self, API_KEY): self.base_endpoint = '' self.API_KEY = API_KEY
[docs] def build_url(self, endpoint): """ Build the request url. Args: endpoint (str): Endpoint of the request (e.g. 'environment/psi'). Returns: str: The built/final URL to the endpoint. """ return '{}/{}'.format(self.base_endpoint, endpoint)
[docs] def get(self, endpoint, params): """ Base method for making requests to the API endpoint. Args: endpoint (str): Endpoint of the request (e.g. 'environment/psi'). params (dict, optional): Request parameters. Returns: A ``Response`` object. """ headers = {'api-key': self.API_KEY} endpoint = self.build_url(endpoint) return requests.get(endpoint, headers=headers, params=params)